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Breakfast & Snacks Drinks
Sandwich Rs. 30/- Tea Rs. 15/-
Puri Bhaji Rs. 30/- Coffee Rs. 20/-
Aloo paratha Rs. 30/- Cold Drink Rs. 20/-
Upma Rs. 30/- Masala Cold Drink Rs. 25/-
Bread & Boiled Egg Rs. 30/- Butter Milk Rs. 20/-
Bread Omelette Rs. 40/- Jaljira Rs. 20/-
Bread toast with tea Rs. 30/- Lemon Tea Rs. 15/-
Fruit Salad Rs. 40/- Cold Coffee Rs. 25/-
Milk cornflakes Rs. 40/-
Juice Rs. 50/-
Milk Rs. 25/-
Soup (Veg) Soup (Non-Veg)
Sweetcorn Soup Rs. 60/- Chicken Sweetcorn Soup Rs. 80/-
Hot 'n' Sour Soup Rs. 60/- Chicken Hot 'n' Sour Rs. 80/-
Manchow Soup Rs. 60/- Chicken Clear Soup Rs. 80/-
Clear Soup Rs. 60/- Chicken Manchow Soup Rs. 80/-
Salad & Raita
Green Salad Rs. 30/-
Onion Salad Rs. 20/-
Fried Papad Rs. 20/-
Roasted Papad Rs. 20/-
Masala Papad Rs. 30/-
Plain Curd Rs. 30/-
Mix Raita Rs. 30/-
Starter (Veg) Starter (Non-Veg)
American corn salt & pepper Rs. 110/- Chicken Lollypop Rs.150/-(6pcs)
American corn fry Rs. 90/- Chicken Pakoda Rs.120/-
Finger chips Rs.80/- Prawn Pakoda Rs.200/-
Paneer Pakoda Rs.120/- Chicken Schezwan Lollypop Rs.160/-
Veg Pakoda Rs.80/- Chicken Salt & pepper Rs.140/-
Mushroom Salt & pepper Rs.130/- Honey Chicken Rs.150/-
Crispy Chilly Baby corn Rs.110/- Bali Prawn Rs.220/-(As Per Size)
Crispy Veg Rs.100/- Chicken 65 Rs. 140/-
Paneer Chatpati Rs.130/- Prawn 65 Rs.200/-
Mushroom Chatpati Rs.130/- Chicken Chatpati Rs.140/-
Paneer 65 Rs.130/- Chicken drumstick Rs.150/-
Chicken Pakoda with Indian Essence Rs.130/
CK Wings Rs.80/-
Main Course (Rice) Noodles (Veg/Non-Veg)
Veg Fried Rice Rs. 90/- Veg Chowmein Rs.80/-
Veg Schezwan Fried Rice Rs. 90/- Veg Schezwan Chowmein Rs.80/-
Spl. Veg Fried Rice Rs.110/- Mix Veg Special Chowmein Rs.100/-
Egg fried Rice Rs.90/- Egg Chowmein Rs.90/-
Chicken Fried Rice Rs.110/- Chicken Chowmein Rs.100/-
Mix Fried Rice Rs.120/- Mix Chowmein Rs.110/-
Schezwan Egg Fried Rice Rs.110/- Chicken Schezwan Chowmein Rs.100/-
Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice Rs.120/- Mix Schezwan Chowmein Rs. 110/-
Schezwan Mix fried Rice Rs.130/- Egg Schezwan Chowmein Rs.95/-
Chop suey
Veg Chop suey Rs.90/-
Chicken Chop suey Rs.110/-
Mix American Chop suey Rs.120/-
Veg Gravy Cuisine Non-veg Gravy Cuisine
Chilly Gobi Rs.90/- Chilly Chicken(BL) Rs.140/-
Gobi Manchurian Rs.90/- Chilly Prawn Rs.200/- (As Per Size )
Chilly Paneer Rs.120/- Prawn 65 Rs.200/-
Chilly Mushroom Rs.130/- Prawn Manchurian Rs.200/-
Mushroom Manchurian Rs.130/- Chicken Manchurian Rs.140/-
Paneer Manchurian Rs.120/- Garlic Chicken Rs.140/-
Veg Manchurian Rs.100/- Garlic Prawn Rs.200/-
Ginger Chicken Rs.140/-
Plain Rice Rs.25/- Chapati Rs.8/-
Basmati Rice Rs.40/- Plain Paratha Rs.15/-
Jeera Rice Rs.80/- Lachcha Paratha Rs.20/-
Curd Rice Rs.80/- Gobi Paratha Rs.35/-
Veg pulao Rs.90/- Paneer Paratha Rs.35/-
Kashmiri Pulao Rs.100/- Aloo Paratha Rs.30/-
Veg Biryani Rs.100/Rs. 60/-
Chicken Biryani Rs.150/Rs.80/-
Mutton Biryani Rs.200/Rs.120/-
Prawn Biryani Rs.220/Rs.130/-
Chicken Hyderabadi Biryani Rs.160/Rs.90/-
Vegetarian Curry Paneer
Mix Veg Rs.80/- Paneer Butter Masala Rs.140/-
Veg Kadhai Rs.90/- Kadhai Paneer Rs.140/-
Veg Dopiyaza Rs.100/- Paneer Dopiyaza Rs.140/-
Veg Hyderabadi Rs.95/- Paneer Hyderabadi Rs.140/-
Veg Jalfrezi Rs.100/- Palak Paneer(seasonal) Rs.150/-
Veg Kofta Curry Rs.100/- Shahi Paneer Rs.140/-
Veg Malai Kofta Rs.100/- Paneer Pasinda Rs.150/-
Methi Matar Masala Rs.100/- Matar Paneer Rs.140/-
Channa Masala Rs.80/- Paneer Kolhapuri Rs.140/-
Aloo Gobi Masala Rs.90/- Methi Paneer Rs.140/-
Veg Butter Masala Rs.90/- Paneer Bharta Rs.140/-
Gobi Masala Rs.100/- Paneer Bhurji Rs.140/-
Special Veg Rs.100/- Paneer Kofta Rs.150/-
Veg Navratna Korma Rs.110/- Paneer Punjabi Masala Rs.150/-
Veg Kolhapuri Rs.90/-
Jeera Aloo Rs. 60/-
Mushroom Dal
Mushroom Masala Rs.140/- Dal Fry Rs.40/-
Mushroom Hyderabadi Rs.140/- Dal Butter Fry Rs.50/-
Mushroom Kolhapuri Rs.140/- Dal Tadka Rs.80/-
Kadai Mushroom Rs.140/- Dal Makhani Rs.80/-
Mushroom Dopiyaza Rs.140/- Dal Paneer Tadka Rs.90/-
Mushroom Corn Masala Rs.140/- Spl.Chicken Tadka Rs.100/-
Mushroom Butter Masala Rs.140/- Egg Tadka Rs.90/-
Non Veg Curry
Fish Egg
Fish Fry Rs.60/-(2 Pcs) Egg Curry Rs.60/-
Indian Fish Fry Rs.70/- Egg Masala Rs.70/-
Fish Masala Rs.80/- Egg Dopiyaza Rs.70/-
Fish Curry Rs.70/- Egg Omellete Rs.30/-
Mustard Fish Rs.80/- Egg Bhurji Rs.30/-
Dahi Fish Rs.80/- Egg Bhurji Curry Rs.65/-
Fish Chatpati Rs.80/-
Chicken curry Rs.120/- Mutton curry Rs.180/-
Chicken Masala Rs.150/- Mutton Rogan josh Rs.200/-
Chicken Hyderabadi Rs.140/- Mutton kasa Rs.200/-
Chicken Kolhapuri Rs.140/- Mutton keema Rs.200/-
Kadhai Chicken Rs.140/- Mutton curry H- style Rs.190/-
Chicken Dopiyaza Rs.140/- TANDOOR BREADS
Methi Chicken Rs.140/- Tandoori Roti Rs.10/-
Chicken Mughlai Rs.150/- Tandoori Butter Roti Rs.15/-
Chicken Butter Masala Rs.150/- Plain Nan Rs.20/-
Chicken Tikka Butter Masala Rs.150/- Butter Nan Rs.25/-
Chicken Shahajani Rs.150/-
Chicken Rana Masala Rs.160/-
Chicken Bharta Rs.150/-
Chicken Keema Masala Rs.150/-
Chicken Punjabi Masala Rs.150/-
Veg Combo
Veg Soup, Baby Corn/American Corn,Rice/veg Fried Rice,Roti,Dal Fry,Chilly Paneer/Paneer Butter Masala/Mushroom Masala,Green salad,Cold Drinks,Pickle
Non-Veg Combo
Non-Veg Soup, Baby Corn/American Corn,Rice/veg Fried Rice,Roti,Dal Fry,Chilly Chicken/Chicken Curry Home style/Fish Curry,Green salad,Cold Drinks,Pickle
* This Menu is not valid for Complimentary
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